The fluttering scissors

l’unica forbice professionale per hairstyling con lame in carburo di tungsteno


- Because tungsten carbide is superior to steel

Compared to the hardest steels, tungsten carbide is more resistant and can stand up to the hardest wear.
So you can work with sharp scissors that maintain their performance much longer, lasting up to 20 times longer.


- Because Cutterfly and its people can offer you the sharpest solution to obtain the best performance!

Cutterfly are professional scissors that enable you to carry out your work with extreme precision. They are time saving for you and above all for your always-in-a-hurry customers.
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- Because Cutterfly are modular scissors

Cutterfly is assembled handle / blade and allows, in case of maintenance or change of hair-cutting techniques, to always have new scissors just having to change some parts at a really convenient cost.


- Because Cutterfly is resistant

Cutterfly is crafted to slice right through without bending, folding or losing the cutting line. When falling the tip remains intact and over time the maintenance will practically be unnecessary.



- Because the hair cut is clean, precise and better

Wear tests were conducted in the laboratory demonstrating the excellence of the Cutterfly cut.
After more than 80,000 strokes, the hair continues to be cut cleanly, with no pulping in the cutting area.


- Because Cutterfly believes in synergy and collaboration

We want to give hairdressers the opportunity to bring their creativity to life.
We are open to all kinds of collaboration.
We believe that understanding the instruments is vital for our customers.
Together we can create different projects: from training to the study of a new tool.
We are here to listen and create!
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