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Cutterfly scissors are currently available in 6 models, each one with its own variants, depending on the model:

  • Blades available in 6 sizes: 4,5″ – 5,0″ – 5,5″ – 6,0″ – 6,5″ – 7,0″
  • Grip available in 3 variants: symmetrical, offset and ergonomic
  • Hand available for both: right and left handed

All Cutterfly models have Tungsten Carbide blades, steel or integral titanium handle, for the PREMIUM line, and are equipped with an adjustable screw.

The modularity of Cutterfly scissors allows to obtain the maximum of customization to truly have a pair of tailor-made scissors.

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Best hairstylist scissor Le migliori forbici per parrucchiere - modelli Cutterfly


Cutterfly Enjoy

Ideal for those who want to pursue a career as a hairdresser or simply experiment with a unique, innovative and high performance pair of scissors – SOFT CUT.

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Cutterfly Premium

Cutterfly Poly

Designed to define details, for those who love to experiment. Suitable for pixie cuts and for any faded cut – GEOMETRICO CUT.

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Cutterfly Smooth

Designed for soft cuts, stroke cuts and slicing cuts – PARADE CUT.

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Cutterfly Barber

Designed for barbers and ideal for the comb / scissors technique. Clean cut and precise geometries to take your shaving and shaving technique to the next level – SUITABLE FOR DEFINING THE BEARD AND SMOOTHING THE HAIR.

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Cutterfly Evo

Designed high precision performance on both dry and wet hair. Ideal for bobs, carrè and bangs – PATENTED BLADES – NET CUT.

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Cutterfly Maxx

Studied in detail, it is an advanced and innovative scissor that with its 2/3 serrated blade allows point cuts and clean cuts with lock retention. Particularly suitable for dry cuts and on curly hair – PATENTED BLADESMIXED CUT.

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