“We believe in synergies, and we believe more than ever that in the era of sharing, we must create partnerships. "

“The upper floor of the factory has been set up to host events.”

- Our projects

The upper floor of the factory has been set up to host events.

We offer our spaces to academies, hairdressers, creators of hair products who seek locations other than the usual hotels for their events.

We are ready to host training courses, product presentations, hair and fashion runway shows, conferences or meetings can be organized (in English with our professional and well prepared American interpreter, Antonia Petrone)

Our only goal is to keep on moving, improving and succeding in delivering the best quality to our customers..

- Courses

We want to create training courses with trainers and academies offering our Cutterfly for practice. The future hairstylists will thus also be trained on the cutting tool that they will use throughout their working path.

They will thus be able to learn and understand the differences about materials, about the ergonomics of the handles, and the diversity of the blades.

Each cutting technique is different, as are the tools, which too often are underestimated thinking that one is worth the other.

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