- Smooth

Cutterfly are the first hairdressing scissors produced in tungsten carbide.

The main characteristic, being the third hardest material in nature after diamond and ceramic, is that once sharpened it maintains its sharpening and its performance 10 to 20 times more than the hardest steel.

We create  Cutterfly Smooth for those who love the rigor of a cut made in small locks.

Extremely handy and precise, the Smooth blade is available in lengths 5.0’’ and 5.5’’.

Smooth price € 1,400.00

- Cutterfly scissor handles

All Cutterfly handles are made from pure titanium plate.

All Cutterfly handles are produced from a pure titanium plate which, depending on the supplier’s working process, will have a different texture that will make it unique.

The handles are available symmetrical or semi-offset for both right and left handed users.

For 6.5 ″ and 7.0 ″ long blades, there are also two handle lengths, both  for symmetrical and semi-offset, to favor ergonomics according to the size of the stylist’s hand.

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