Lavorazione di Lame in Carburo di Tungsteno

Evorive is the fresh new challenge that the Colombatto family has decided to take following the birth of the first company founded by Alessandro Colombatto in 1969.
"Hair cutting shears are the most important tools for hairdressers Good shears make you work no matter how hairstyles change and that's why we specialize in the production of sharp blades and why we are producing, the world's top notch scissors in tungsten carbide for hairdressing."
Let us introduce you to Cutterfly!

After almost two years of collecting and scrapping many pieces of tested tungsten carbide, no elephant was born though a pair of scissors resembling a caricature of Don Quixote was.

“Cuts really well but it’s so ugly!”, said the boy who tested it.

Since then we have improved the cutting edge bringing it to its maximum performance, making it appealable to the eye, designing and testing various closures, paying very close attention to hairdresser’s tips.

We strive to gain knowledge, put our goodwill upfront as we put all our strength into what we believe in and that is why the name of the new company becomes synonymous of extreme quality.

Our goal is to produce professional hairdressing scissors that maintain performance over time without requiring maintenance and allowing a more precise and fast cut.

All virtuous people in their work have feelings, love what they do, commit themselves to the extreme and dream. We believe that these people have the right to create a small and personal museum with the things they love exposed, where the spirit can take its trip down memory lane.

Alessandro, Andrea, Elena and Juna Colombatto love their work and dream that their products can, after their use, be worthily hosted in real life or in the dreams of the virtuous, in these precious museums.

- Who to thank

From the dream of the project to its "go live", we asked for advice, help and tests from some really special people, those well established hairdressers, who, partly for fun and partly for friendship, followed us on this journey:

Cinzia D’Errico and Andrea Barbaro of the “D’Errico and Barbaro Parrucchieri Salon”, who saw the birth and are following the growth of Cutterfly.

Antonello Primerano from the “Antonello Primerano Parrucchieri Salon”, by now a friend.

Massimilino Pino

Massimiliano Pino from the”Max and Masina Studio Salon”, who opened his heart to all of us, a special and sensitive friend,  whose eyes shine every time he holds a Cutterfly in his hands.

Egidio Cortello of the “I Cortello Salon”, a master and leader.


We are family. We love challenges. We achieve our goals. All this, always and only, with determination, hard work, passion and love.

Juna Colombatto, embraces a mixture of light and joy. A future-friendly woman that believes in the beauty of her dreams. She operates to keep our group together and in tiptop shape.

- Executive Director

Alessandro Colombatto, the creative genius. He masters open-mindedness and provides insights for successful management. He never holds back. A talented man with great knowledge. A Dreamer and Poet.

- President

Andrea and Elena Colombatto, the two precious ones that make our dreams come to life.. They need not many words as their skillful hands do all the talking.

- Production Director and Quality Director