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The innovative CUTTERFLY scissors are the first and only professional hairdressing scissors made with tungsten carbide blades (hard metal or widia), for a quick, precise and comfortable cut, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. The duration of the tungsten carbide blades (hard metal or widia) – which in the industrial field can last up to 20 times longer than those made of steel – make this product unique and innovative, compared to all hairdressing scissors existing on the market. CUTTERFLY scissors can maintain a high performance for a very long time while using them daily, just by following the instructions in this use and maintenance manual.


While thanking you for choosing CUTTERFLY scissors, we invite you to carefully read this product use and maintenance manual, bearing in mind that the instructions contained below will allow you to use the scissors in the best possible way and, above all, efficiently and not to mention for a long time. Therefore, it is important that the manual is shared with anyone who uses the product. We also invite you to strictly adhere to the following instructions regarding the general safety, use, care and maintenance of the CUTTERFLY scissors to avoid personal injury and damage to the scissors that could compromise their functionality. We recommend that you keep this use and maintenance manual carefully for future reference.


Clean the scissors after each use only with running water or alcohol, and not with corrosive liquids. Dry them with the supplied microfiber cloth. It is recommended to NOT use CUTTERFLY after using gels and lacquers. The central screw does not need to be oiled and can be adjusted using the key supplied to increase or decrease the tension between the two blades. After use, it is advisable to always put the scissors in its special case, which must also be used for transporting the product. It is highly suggested to store them with the blades in closed position: so that your CUTTERFLY scissors will have a longer life while maintaining unaltered functionality.


Professional scissors for Hairstylists and Barbers, to be used only to cut hair (both natural or synthetic) and not for other uses. Warning! Tool with very sharp and pointed blades: handle with extreme caution – especially during maintenance – because they can cause serious injuries. Evorive is relieved of any responsibility for any improper use. Keep out of the reach of children and do not leave CUTTERFLY scissors unattended.


Due to the long life of your Cutterfly’s cutting edge, it is normally not necessary to re-sharpen the blades. In the unlikely event that you may think there is a need to resharpen, you can call the Cutterfly assistance service and we will come to pick them up. The cost of collecting and returning the scissors is free. For further information, consult the “maintenance service” page of the section dedicated to Cutterfly on the website
Warning! The maintenance service must only and exclusively be carried out by Evorive in order to keep the product warranty in force.


We highly recommend purchasing CUTTERFLY scissors directly from us or from one of our distributors, resellers or authorized representatives, in order to avoid possible scams.


In addition to the legal guarantee provided by art. 1490 and art. 1512 of the civil code, Evorive recognizes a lifetime warranty on Cutterfly scissors which covers malfunctioning and defects deriving from manufacturing or material defects. The guarantee involves repair or, in cases where repair is not possible, the free replacement of the scissors or parts thereof that are defective.

Attention! The lifetime warranty does not apply in the following cases:
– Damage to the product as a result of falling, improper use or inadequate storage;
– Tampering with or alteration of the product;
– Maintenance intervention, blade sharpening, and / or repair carried out by unauthorized third parties.

Therefore, to avoid voiding the warranty, we remind you to contact Evorive exclusively for any problems you may have in the use of the scissors and for maintenance service.


Scissors with titanium handle and tungsten carbide blades (hard metal or widia).

Microfiber cloth for cleaning scissors, washable at 30°.

Adjust the center screw by increasing or decreasing the tension between the two blades.

Recycled neoprene case to protect, store and transport the CUTTERFLY scissors.